How to Build Muscle


How to Build Muscle                        Amazan   

The biggest muscle building mistake people make is training like a bodybuilder. Many bodybuilders use drugs but won’t tell you. And they rarely built the bulk of their muscle size with the routines they do now. That’s why bodybuilding routines don’t work for most people.

Get Stronger. The best bodybuilders that ever existed were strong. They knew more strength is more muscle. Increase your Squat to 140kg/300lb, Bench Press to 100kg/220lb, and Deadlift to 180kg/400lb. Your overall muscle mass will increase because strength is size.

Add Weight. Forget about pump and soreness. Instead focus on adding weight on the bar. Try to lift more than last time. You’ll get stronger which will increase your overall muscle mass. If you don’t lift more today than last month or year, you’re not building muscle.

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Do Compounds. Do exercises that work several muscles at the same time. You’ll be able to lift heavier weights which will trigger more muscle growth.                                            


Use Barbells. You can lift heavier weights with barbells than any other tools. You also have to balance the weight yourself. Barbells involve more muscles and trigger more growth. Use free weights not attached to machines. Start light and use proper form to avoid injury.

Increase Frequency. The more often you train a muscle, the more you trigger it to grow. The more you do an exercise, the quicker your technique improves, and the heavier you can lift. Start Squatting, pressing and pulling three times a week instead of only once.

Recover. Your muscles need to recover from your workouts to grow stronger and bigger. They can’t recover if you work them hard every day. Even your mind needs a break. Take three to four rest days a week. Help your muscles recover by getting plenty of food, water and sleep.

Eat More. Your body uses food to fuel workouts, and recover muscles. Your muscles can’t recover and grow if there’s a shortage of food. Most guys need at least 3000kcal/day to build muscle. with high metabolisms need even more to

Eat Protein.

 Your body uses protein to build new muscle, and recover damaged muscle tissue post-workout. You need 2.2g protein per kilogram of body-weight (1g/lb) to maximize muscle recovery and build muscle. For an 80kg/175lb guy, that’s about 175g of protein per day.

Get Real. You can’t get steroid-like results without using steroids. You can’t turn into Arnold in three months because building muscle takes time. Celebrities set unrealistic expectations. Stop trying to look like them. Focus on improving yourself. It will save you frustration.

Be Consistent. Most guys gain 0.25kg/0.5lb of lean muscle per week if they doand eat well. You can’t gain muscle faster than this. It takes a year to gain 12kg/24lb of lean muscle and see dramatic change. Consistency is therefore key.

My Tips on Lean Muscle Mass Gain for Naturals

It starts with nutrition. The ratio that has worked well with my clients in terms of daily caloric consumption for lean muscle mass gains and minimal fat gain is the 16 calories per pound ratio. For example, if you’re a 200-pound person and you’re on a 16-calorie-per-pound bulking diet, you would consume 3,200 calories at a ratio of 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbs, and 20 percent fat.


It also leans on exercise. Even when I’ve trained clients whose goal was to put on lean muscle mass, I still had them doing sprints at least 3-4 days per week, 20-25 minutes per day. Check out Dr. Wilson’s article: Mass vs. Cardio. There he touts short-duration, high-intensity activities as the key to fat loss and muscle preservation. In fact, sprinting was actually found to increase muscle size if limited to roughly 20 minutes per day.

You don’t need to lift the whole gym to make your muscles grow, but you want to lift heavier. You have to add stress and tension to muscles to make them grow. I advise a client to train at 80 percent of their one-rep max for each set. A rep count should be 10-12 reps.

It is amazing how many muscle-building programs out there promise that you’ll look like the incredible Hulk if eat more than 5,000 calories each day. Sure, you’ll look like a hulk … of fat. Many of these programs cause you to gain an enormous amount of unnecessary fat, giving the illusion that you put on muscle. The number on the scale might increase, but the likelihood that lean-muscle gains are the cause is slim. Never rely on the scale as indicator of how much muscle you put on, because it doesn’t differentiate between lean muscle and fat. The only way to determine how much lean muscle you have is to get an underwater body-fat test or a Bod Pod test to break down your numbers on fat-free lean muscle mass weight versus body fat.

Any time you’re on a bulking program where you goal is to put on muscle, it’s inevitable that you’re going to gain a little fat. Just make sure that fat gain is minimal.

Once you can separate the myths from the truth about natural muscle gains, you’ll be on your way. Train hard, eat healthy, be patient, and it will happen!        Amazan


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