How to prevent hangover

No more hangovers

If you don’t want to drink, keep telling yourself that you don’t drink. If you are trying to cut back, saying “I don’t want it” makes it twice as likely you’ll successfully resist than saying “I can’t have it”, according to a US study, “I can’t” signals you’re giving up something desirable but “I don’t want it” gives you a sense of empowerment. If you do drink, take Hydrofoil. You can get it from pharmacies or amazon and it contains ingredients that can reduce the aftermath, including milk thistle to support your liver and B vitamins, which may help reduce hangover symptoms.

Don’t undervalue your sleep

There’s a tendency for people who very little to brag about it, like it’s some kind of indication of their commitment to life. But getting seven to eight house is vital. As it provides the energy for your exercise and even influences dietary choice- a 2016 study found that in the day following a night of poor sleep, people ate an extra 385 calories.

Turn in early

Night owls may have a higher risk of suffering from heart disease and type 2 diabetes that early risers, according to research from Northumbaria University, Uk in the first ever- international review of studies analyzing whether being an early riser or a night owl can influence your health, researchers have uncovered a growing body of evidence indicating an increase risk of ill health in people with an evening preference as they have more erratic eating patterns and consume more unhealthy foods.

Keep tabs on visceeral fat

visceeral fat is the type that builds up around your body organs. It’s slinked with heart disease, several cancers and type 2 diabetes. Check your waist -to height ratio (WtHR) to see if you’re eat risk. Grab piece of string and use it to measure your hight, then halve it. If it doesn’t’t fit around your waist get, exercising -visceral fat is the first type to go when you start working out. For a more accurate measurement, get a DEXA scan, which will tell you exactly where your fat is lurking, and how much.


The physical benefits of being active are obvious but it’s only once you start exercising regularly that it also becomes clear how much of a boost it can provide to your mental health. Try to disconnect from the stress you have at work or home and pay attention to your workout rather than let your mind felt to the past or future. If you are not sure how to get started,head space have partnered with the Nike+RUN CLUB APP to offer free guided running and mindfulness sessions, which are certainly worth a try.

Hangover helpers Hydrofoil                                                                                           

For liver support and hangover relief. The combo of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs helps restore body balance and supports alcohol metabolism. And the new size means you only need to take two jumbo capsules rather than four regular- sized capsules. Available at amazon and leading pharmacies.


Brewed using traditional pilsner brewing methods, Holstein Alcohol free 0.0% is bottom fermented and generously hopped for full flavor.The beer has a crisp, Hop-driven bitterness and a refreshingly clean finish, typical of premium pilsners.

Bend the rules

Whether you dig Yoga or not, regular stretching is essential for a healthy, injury-free body

Don’t neglect mobility work

whether you embrace yoga or Pilates or just make time for some short stretching sessions every few days’ mobility work is a vital part of maintaining your long- term health. It will help you perform better and avoid injuries in your main activity, as well as combating the posture issues that can arise from long days’ spent sitting at a desk.

Take a bath

Too busy or too tired to exercise? Soak in a hot tub instead. Research from the American Physiological Society has found that hot water treatment may help improve inflammation and blood sugar levels in people who are unable to exercise. After two weeks of hot baths, study subjects showed a reduction of fasting blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as improved low- grade inflammation at rest.